To A Leakproof Hiring Funnel

”1 of every 2 happy employees can quit any time and replacing them will not be easy “


While it is difficult enough to attract quality talent, it can get even more frustrating to watch them slip away due to easily fixable cracks in the hiring funnel. But building a good hiring funnel is much like making sculptures - it takes time and a few iterations to perfect, and it all comes down to the details.

At Belong, we’ve read, researched, written and implemented various ways in which Talent Acquisition leaders and Recruiters can optimize their hiring process. We have now taken that further with our latest guide 'How to Build a Leakproof Hiring Funnel'. With 36 pages of worksheets, charts, templates, and inputs from top HR leaders, this free guide will help you:

  • • Boost conversion efficiency at every stage of your hiring funnel
  • • Drive candidate engagement with proven templates and frameworks
  • • Build result-driven engagement with business leaders and managers
  • • Implement best practices from top companies

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