Aligned For Impact:

Secret Weapons For A Winning Business and Talent Acquisition Partnership

21 November, 2017

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In many ways, Talent Acquisition and Business are like an orchestra - when they work together, you hear beautiful symphonies. Yet, if a single player is off-key, the result is chaos and cacophony. This is why aligning both the functions is at the heart of Outbound Hiring.
By design, Outbound Hiring transforms Talent Acquisition into a Business-aligned function and focuses both on high-potential talent pools through clear and agreed criteria. Business values Talent Acquisition when it's able to proactively engage quality talent instead of taking a reactive approach. In this webinar, Aadil was  joined by Karthik Purushotham- India Talent Acqusition Leader and Subbu Raghunathan- Director, Transaction Engineering, Paypal to explore processes, best practices and tools that set Talent Acquisition and Business on the path to success. 
In this session we explored:
  • Competitive Talent Insights your Business really wants
  • Opportunity Profiles: How to map candidate desires to business needs
  • Business interventions that delight even the hardest-to-impress candidates
  • Fool-proof checklist for Business-TA alignment 
21 November, 2017
3:00 P.M. IST
60 minutes
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