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How Outbound Hiring Is Changing Hiring As You Know It


The best candidates today don’t apply. They discover new opportunities through personal and social networks, respond to companies that value them for more than their skills and expect personalized experiences, not transactional engagement. With no dearth of choices, the best candidates today are no different from your best customers.

To capitalize on these megatrends, HR and business leaders will have to fundamentally re-evaluate their talent acquisition capabilities. The emergence of analytics, social, personalized marketing, and an increased recognition of talent as a CEO concern -- all enable an intelligent, business-aligned approach to strategic hiring.

    You will learn:
  • How to make the Case for Outbound Hiring in Your Organization
  • The 6 Essential Processes of Outbound Hiring
  • Optimizing Your Sourcing with the New 4-Step Talent Sourcing Framework
  • The Personalization Spectrum for Strategic Recruiting
  • Driving Funnel Conversions with Synchronized Outbound Plays

Webinar Hosts

Host Name

Aadil Bandukwala

Social Talent Evangelist, Belong

Aadil is Belong's Social Talent Evangelist. He has been ranked as one of India’s Top 20 Most Influential People in HR on Social Media by SHRM for the last three years. In his prior roles at Dell and LinkedIn, Aadil has advised several enterprise companies on their social hiring, employer branding and recruitment practices.

Host Name

Prasad Rao

Head of Talent Selection, India at Adobe

With over 13 years of rich and diverse experience in executive search and recruiting, Prasad has successfully built scalable talent strategies, recruitment teams and processes globally. In his current role, he manages Leadership, Niche, Research Labs & University hiring for Adobe in India. Under his leadership, the Adobe team won plaudits at "India’s Best Companies to Work For" in 2016.

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